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This is not a self-indulgent exercise comparing the conveniences/inconveniences of digital technology for the PC user. This is not an encounter with technocratic fantasies, utopian visions nor renderings of maleficent technological dystopia. No mámes.
This is a tactical assault on the cryptoreligious myths accompanying technological invention. It is a counteroffensive against the mili-corp monoculture that evolves and promotes Information Technology to stifle critical voices. ¡Eso!
We are not tech-optimists, digi-pushers, nor cyber-fanáticos. We are not neo-Luddites or Chicano hippies. We are criticones techno-informants of the ‘other’ kind. We are . . .
LOS CYBRIDS: La Raza Techno-Crítica.

Los Cybrids: La Raza Techno-Crítica are three artists exploring cultural and somatic mutations caused by the implosion of advanced information technology. Amid the tensions of the fast-paced mythologies of the Information Age, Los Cybrids have emerged to challenge notions that purport a friction-free market, a one-world community and global access at our fingertips. Los Cybrids employ performance, burla, and high-tech art to undermine the uncritical, passive acceptance of the overarching social, cultural and environmental consequences of Information Technologies.

A “Cybrid” is a Latino digi-tech artist from an ethnic demographic disproportionately under-represented in the cyberworld. We function as a collaborative artistic group that performatively counters the hyperbolic discourse around “cyberspace.” As a junta, we instigate a critical dialogue around access and desire in cyber-culture, considering multiple issues of economic equality, cultural transformation, social reorganization, educational imperatives, and environmental impact.