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McMuerto's Wins Hispanic Entrepeneur of the Month

McMuerto’s Inc. Opens McTland


OCTOBER 16, 1999

NOVEMBER 28, 1999


McMuerto’sTM first opened its doors across America in 1998 in response to the public’s need for a quick, hassle-free celebration of death during Día de los Muertos (dee-ah day lohs mwer-toes). Now an expanding global operation, McMuerto’sTM provides a unique quick- service experience of death for today’s fast-paced society. McMuerto’sTM vision is to maintain the high standard as producers of the world’s best Día de los Muertos products improving on the charming, ritual altar items of primitive Mexico. Because at McMuerto’sTM, El Color de la Muerte smells like a million bucks.


McMuerto’sTM is proud to announce the expansion of its product line with the grand opening of McTlandTM–-a magical place created especially for our young McMuerto’sTM consumers!

Inspired by the ancient Aztec’s legendary journey to the happy land of the dead, McTlandTM is a world of exotic fun and surprises. The diligent research of McMuerto’s staff has brought the ancient Aztec traditions of Día de los Muerto’s to the hands of our younger generations in convenient fun-filled experiences! Along the mystical path, youngsters meet up with their favorite McMuerto’sTM buddies like Ronnie CalacaTM and make amigos (ah - me - goes) with our new edition of McTlandTM characters. So on their next visit to McMuerto’sTM, parents should invite their kids to become a part of the wonderful world of McMuerto’s McTlandTM!

During their visit, they should be sure to check out the complete line of McMuerto’sTM products. Try the beloved sugar-skull and candle variety packs. Our Dead MealTM Combos bring together the most essential altar items for the convenient death of your choice. No matter what you choose, you’ll be sure to have a better-than-authentic Mexican experience for a price so low that you’ll be back begging for more. Because, remember, in Mexico death is something to be celebrated. And at McMuerto’sTM, every day is a celebration!

McMuerto’s was an installation for Día de los Muertos at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts(1998), the Oakland Museum(1999), and the Mexican Museum (2000).